Donation Policy

The Luxton Antique Farm Equipment Club is always seeking of donations of heritage equipment with potential for restoration and display, as well as shop supplies and funds to assist in the maintenance of collection and the restoration of new items.

If you are considering donating a piece of antique equipment, or something relevant to the area's agricultural heritage, please be aware that we will ask you to complete Statement of Donation, acknowledging ownership of the item and indicating that it is clear of all legal and financial encumbrances. As well, wherever possible we are always interested in the history of an item.

Since we are a small organization, with very limited funds, we cannot always take on new donations as projects right away. If your donation does not appear totally restored at our next event, understand that it is because we do not have the members or resources to attend to all of our projects as quickly as we would like to, and that repairs to existing display items may take priority over new projects.  On occasion, donations of artifacts duplicate ones which are already in our collection. In this case, we may choose to trade the item with another, similar group in order to acquire something for which we have a greater need or to sell the item.

Donations of shop supplies such as petroleum products, fasteners, rags and other consumables as well as tools are always needed. We are also grateful for any direct financial support you may provide.

As a registered non-profit group, we are able to issue tax-reciepts for certain donations. If you desire a tax-recipt for your donation, please contact us.   If you would like to make a corporate-level donation or to sponsor the all or part of the restoration of a particular piece of equipment, please see our sponsorship page.